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What is the mission of the Lauren G. Robishaw Foundation?
The Lauren G. Robishaw Foundation is committed to helping individuals rise above poverty, homelessness, barriers to employment, and developmental disabilities through life skills development, education, job training, and employment opportunities.

How does the Lauren G. Robishaw Foundation fulfill its mission?
By making program-related and general operating support grants to organizations that provide ways for adults to make positive life changes, achieve self-sufficiency, and maxize their potential. The foundation invests primarily in organizations providing adult education, prisoner re-entry programs, job training and employment services, and life skills/support services.

Do you accept unsolicited grant requests?
No. Unsolicited grant requests are not accepted or acknowledged. The foundation proactively seeks out organizations whose mission and operations we wish to support.

What is excluded from your granting?
We do not make grants to organizations that are not determined to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We also do not make grants to individuals, or to religious organizations for religious purposes. Grants are also not awarded for budget deficits or for events.

Where are your grant recipients located?
The Lauren G. Robishaw Foundation makes grants to organizations in the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

What is your average grant amount?
Because of the relatively short granting history of the foundation, it is not possible at this time to determine a historical average. However, it is projected that the average grant amount will be $7,500.